At Vehicle Installation Centre Beccles we have a range of solutions to many technical issues, we can inspect and repair your vehicles electrical system.

Fuses keep Blowing –

This can be not only a great inconvenience but also a possible danger, if you are regularly blowing fuses time after time please do not fit a larger fuse, get it checked by a professional to save any further damage to your vehicle.

Short Circuits –

Short Circuits is one of the causes to keep blowing a Automotive Fuse. A Short Circuit is where the Power wire is touching to ground,  or the ground touching to a power cable. Kinks,Chaffing or insulated wires will need inspecting or finding to resolve this.

Hot Cables / Wiring –

Do you have a Vehicle Installation or Automotive wiring circuit in your car that is simply getting far too hot? this fault could  be due to poor undersized cabling used which cause high resistance. If the component is pulling large Current it becomes highly recommended  that a correct size cable will be required for a safe and sound installation. we can help you.

Rusty Corroded Cables / Wiring –

as you can expect, rusty corroded wires is no good to anybody.  Rust & Corrosion has the potential to make your circuit become open circuit if a wire was to fail, then the accessory or device connected would not power. Another issue with Rust & Corrosion is  you will get electrical resistance, a great problem when it comes to electrical circuits in vehicles.

Car Battery Not Charging, Is it the Alternator?

just because your car battery is not charging while the vehicle is running this does not mean the alternator is at fault. rather than large expensive repair bills it could be a simple broken wire or a fuse that has been removed or incorrectly fitted. Have a Auto Electrician inspect the vehicle before a Lengthy repair is carried out, you may be surprised just how much you can save £££.

No Matter what the fault, our Auto Electrician is Ready to help .